10 great experiences that tourists should not miss while traveling Yangon


Yangon with ancient, multicultural beauty, breathtaking natural landscapes has attracted a large number of tourists each year. If you have the chance to visit this city, do not miss to try these great experiences.

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Visiting Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar has long been considered a sacred land of Buddhism with golden pagodas. Travelers visiting Myanmar will surely be impressed with the majestic temples, the most famous of which have to be mentioned is Shwedagon Pagoda.

Built over 2,500 years ago, the pagoda is the place preserving 8 Buddha’s hairs. The 98-meter-high main tower of the pagoda is covered with over 30 tons of gold and hundreds of diamonds.

Opening hours: 4am – 10pm daily

Entrance fee: 8,000 Kyats (about 8 USD)

Shwedagon Pagoda (via Wings Travel)

Wandering around local markets

For travelers, there is no way to experience and learn about the local life by visiting markets and enjoying their foods. It will definitely bring you a lot of exciting experiences.

Besides the famous Bogyke Market, there are many other attractive markets in Yangon, especially the markets located on the roadside. Although they are only the small markets, you can find a full range of products from meat, fish, eggs, cheese, to thanaka, a local cosmetic of Burmese people.

Visiting Sule Pagoda and surroundings

Located in the heart of Yangon city, Sule Pagoda is an important religious and historical site of Myanmar. After visiting the pagoda, travelers can take a walk on the streets surrounding and feel a nostalgic Yangon with the European-style buildings such as: City Hall, Independence Monument, Mahabadola Park,… Like other famous old town in the world, this place is also an ideal place for you to buy souvenirs or take the nice pictures.

Opening hours: 6am – 20pm everyday

Admission fee: 3 USD

Sule Pagoda (via Myanmar)

Shopping at Bogyoke Aung San Market

Bogyoke Aung San, the largest market in Yangon, was built in 1926 with British-style architecture. This market is always busy, crowded with locals and foreigners. It is considered as a miniature Myanmar, because you can find everything in here, from clothes, food to handicrafts and jewelry.

Enjoying street food in Chinatown area

“Extremely bustling” are the words that travelers often use to describe the Chinatown in Yangon. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the shopping paradise with a variety of goods such as clothing, electronics, souvenirs, antiques, musical instruments,… But the most exciting thing to do in  the area is enjoying delicious local dishes. You can taste many Burmese specialties such as Shan noodles, salads,… or enjoy the tropical fruits: watermelon, durian, mangosteen, …

Chinatown in Yangon (via Chùa nổi tiếng)

Relaxing at Kandawgyi Park

If you are a nature lover, and want to take a stroll in a quiet place, Kandawgyi Park is the best place for you. Take a walk in the park, not only admire the beautiful trees and flowers, but also see many rare animals. The park also has a large lake, where you can rent a boat along the lake and enjoy the beautiful view around.

Visit the huge reclining Buddha statue at Chauk Htat Gyi Temple

Chauk Htat Gyi is also a famous temple in Yangon, built in 1907. Inside the temple has a giant Buddha statue with 65 meters long and nearly 30 meters high. The temple opens 24/24 and visitors are free to visit the temple.

Huge reclining Buddha statue at Chauk Htat Gyi (via Notes of Nomads)

Visiting National Museum of Myanmar

National Museum of Myanmar is a great destination for visitors to learn about the culture and historic of Myanmar. The museum is the home to a lot of rare artifacts, many of which related to the royal families in Myanmar.

Opening hours: From 9.30am to 4.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday (museum closes on Mondays and public holidays).

Entrance fee: 5,000 Kyats (about 5 USD)

Exploring the outskirts of Yangon by train

Train is a popular means of public transportation in Myanmar. There is a 50-meter railroad running around Yangon. Exploring Yangon by train is an exciting experience, the great opportunity to chat with locals and learn about their daily life.

Explore Yangon by train (via Wikipedia)

Walking around the streets of Yangon

Traveling to a mysterious city like Yangon, walking on the streets will help you discover many surprising facts. You can stop at anywhere you want, enjoy any street food you see. That’s really amazing, right?

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