10 reasons why Myanmar attracts world-wide visitors


With thousands of temples, pagodas, a rich history and culture, Myanmar features a unique beauty that cannot be found in nowhere else. That is also why in recent years, the number of tourists coming Myanmar are increasing rapidly. 10 reasons below explain why you should add Myanmar to your bucket list.

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Ideal spot for backpackers

Myanmar is an ideal place to visit for backpackers (via Vé máy bay)

Beautiful temples and peaceful atmosphere may be one of the main reasons attracting visitors of Myanmar. Although in the recent years, Myanmar has started to welcome foreign tourists, the government has not focused strongly on tourism so when coming here, you will feel like you are the first one exploring this mysterious country. Myanmar also has voted as the “must-go destination for backpackers” by many famous travel magazines.

The beauty of Ngapali Beach

For those who love romance and want to find a peaceful place, Ngapali Beach is the perfect choice. Ngapali is the most well-known beach in Myanmar with pristine beauty and white sand glittering in the sunshine. Besides swimming, walking and exploring the beach and surroundings, you also can participate in many exciting excursions such as visiting fishing villages, local markets or exploring the countryside by bicycle,…

Bagan city

Bagan, Myanmar (via Phuot.biz)

The city of Bagan is located along the banks of the Ayeyarwady River, also known as “the city of ten thousands temples”. Bagan not only owns the most majestic temples in Southeast Asia but also offers many mysterious and unexpected things for you to explore. The temples in Bagna are quite close each other so the most convenient way is cycling. You also can get around by ox-cart, tuk tuk or bus.

Attractive cuisine

Although Myanmar cuisine is strongly influenced by Indian, China, Thailand and culinary culture of many ethnic minorities, the dishes in here still has its own features. Not only delicious, Burmese food is sophisticated in cooking and very cheap. If you have chance to visit Bagan or Yangon, don’t forget to try the exotic street food such as tea and flatbread, samosa salad, Shan noodles, grilled food and curries.

Golden Rock

Golden Rock Temple (via Vietmytravel)

Golden Rock is located in the small town of Kyaikhtiyo, about 160km from Yangon. The Golden Rock balances on the edge of a cliff and it appears like it can fall down in the valley at any moment. The boulder seems to hover over the ground, the contact area is very small. It is said that thanks to the Buddha’s hair the Golden Rock still keeps balance and not crashes down.

Friendly and lovely people

Most of travelers who have visited Myanmar said that the most impression of this country was brilliant golden temples and friendly smile of Myanmar people. Whether you go to anywhere in Myanmar, you can easily catch the happy faces of Burmese and they always ready to help you.

The vibrant city of Mandalay

Mandalay (via Myanmar)

Many tourists think Mandalay is a tranquility city but actually, this city is so bustling with many exciting activities taking place on the streets. Just step out of your hotel and wander the streets of Mandalay, you will realize that your decision coming here is absolutely right. This city attracts not only by bustling markets selling delicious street food or gorgeous ancient architecture but also by the happy life of local people.

Experience air-balloon in Bagan

There is no more interesting than hiring an air-balloon in Bagan to see the amazing panoramic view of this city. Early morning is the best time to look at the Bagan from the hot air-balloon, fresh air and majestic scenery will make you feel like you are “lost” in a fairyland.

Stunning tourist attractions

Mergui Archipelago (via Will Strathmann)

With three main rivers of Yangon, Irrawaddy and Chinwin, a boat or cruise tour will take you to the beautiful natural landscape, ancient temples along the river’s banks. If you love ocean, you can rent a boat to visit Mergui Archipelago and explore hundreds of small islands in there.

U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge is the longest teak bridge in the world connecting two banks of the Taungthama River which is a popular spot of locals and travelers to watch the sunset. It has been voted as one of the most ideal places to see the sunset in the world by CNNGo.

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