10 things you probably didn’t know about Myanmar


Men wear skirts, people love to chew betel leaves, whistling to call beer are a few in many interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Myanmar.

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Celebrate New Year with Water Festival in April

Burmese people often hold the Water Festival to greet the New Year’s Eve in mid-April every year. New Year Festival is called “Thingyan” by local people. Similar to other neighboring countries like Thailand and Cambodia, in the festival, people also splash water on each other with the hope of washing away all the unlucky things and wishing a happy new year.

Stunning beaches

Ngapali Beach

With coastline stretching more than 2,000km and has not been exploited too much, the beaches in Myanmar still preserve its pristine beauty. Traveling to Myanmar in summer, maybe there is nothing more comfortable than relax at one of the charming beaches in Bengal Bay.

One of the most wonderful beaches in Burma must be mentioned is Ngapali Beach, just 45-minute drive from Yangon. Here you will find many resorts with high quality services and facilities to take a rest after a long day exploring the city. In addition to swimming, walking, admiring the natural beauty, visitors can also take part in a lot of exciting activities such as visiting fishing villages, exploring countryside areas by bicycle, taking a boat tour to the off-coast islands or playing beach sports like volleyball, golf and so on.

Remember to bring cash and never let them be crumpled

There are not many ATMs in Myanmar so you should remember to bring enough cash during the trip and don’t let them be crumpled, otherwise, they will be difficult to use. One more thing visitors should take note that credit cards and other modern payment methods are only acceptable in 5-star hotels and restaurants.

Whistle if you want to call beer

Whistle if you want to call beer

Whistling to call waiter is an unique feature of Burmese culture so do not surprise if you hear the whistling sounds at every restaurants in Burma.

Hotel prices are quite expensive

Due to the number of hotels in Myanmar is not enough to meet the demand of tourists, the room rates in this country are often higher than other countries in this region.

Men wear skirt

Traditional costumes of Burmese is Longyi – a type of skirt wrapped around the hips for both men and women. Women usually wrap their skirt in layers and tie them by pulling all of the fabric to one side on their hips while men tie by pulling the fabric tight against the back and tying an elegant knot in front.

Traditional costumes – Longyi

Only eating with the right hand

Burmese people only use the left hand for personal hygiene so eating with the left hand in Myanmar is considered an unpleasant action. In Myanmar, people do not eat rice with chopsticks. Indeed, they use their fingers to squeeze rice into small cubes and mix with other dishes. In front of each person is a water pot. Before eating, they wash their hands. Therefore, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, you should remember to use your right hand when you handle food or give someone money during your trip in Myanmar.

Book stalls are available in every corner of Yangon

In the period of information and internet are limited, reading newspaper is the only way to help people reach out the outside world.

Burmese people love to chew betel leaves

Burmese people love to eat betel leaves

Chewing betel leaves is a daily habit of Burmese people so visitors can easily see the shops selling betel at everywhere in the country.

Nangyi thoke refers to a type of Myanmar-style spaghetti

Made from rice noodles mixed with thin slices of fish, boiled eggs, chicken and seasoned with turmeric, chilli, roasted peanuts, Nangyi Thoke will not make you disappointed.

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