Best souvenirs tourists should buy when traveling Myanmar


Shopping is an indispensable activity in every trip. Each place has its own beauty and featured items that make you want to buy to bring back as a gift for your friends, family or just simple to save memories about the place where you have come. Traveling to Myanmar, you will easily find very unique and lovely souvenirs such as paintings, lacquer, silk, traditional cosmetics, wooden dolls, especially cloth bags of Shan and Kanchi people.

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Wind chimes

Wind chimes are sold in every temple in Myanmar. It was made in various sizes from small to large that very cute. These wind chimes are often decorated with historical landmarks or astrological symbols, which, according to the Burmese concept, hanging these wind chimes in front if the house can dispel the evil and bring lucky for the users. The price for a wind chime is also varied, ranging from 1,000 kyat for small one and 10,000 kyat for the larger.

Wind chimes (via Pinterest)

Buddha statues

In a Buddhist country like Myanmar, you can easily find and buy a lot of Buddha statues at souvenir shops. Similar to the wind chimes, Buddha statues are also the item which can dispel the demons. The price to buy a Buddha statue ranges from a few thousand kyat up to tens of thousands kyat depending on its size and quality.

Yoke Thé (Burmese puppets)

Myanmar puppetry is an art form dating back to the 15th century. Tourists can see puppet show at the Yangon National Museum and buy puppets as souvenirs. One puppet often costs 10,000 kyat or more.

Yoke Thé (via Pinterest)

Sand pictures

You can buy sand pictures in Bagan, which is home to a large collection of sand picture shops as well as famous painters. The price for a painting is quite cheap, only costing a few thousand kyats.

Paper umbrellas

If you have the opportunity to take a boat tour on Inle Lake, you will definitely be taken to a factory producing the paper umbrellas. The artisans making paper umbrella in here will guide you how to make a colorful paper umbrella. The price of an umbrella is around 10,000 kyat.

Paper umbrella (via Myannmar Handicrafts –


Jewelry is sold in many places in Inle Lake, Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. The jewelry in here is made from jade, silver and metal pieces such as necklaces, bracelets,…  At the outdoor markets, the jewelry will cost about 3,000 – 15,000 kyat while in the large souvenir shops, its price will be several times higher.


Cigar is a unique souvenir in Myanmar. Cigars of Burmese people are famous with warm, pleasant aroma. You can try a cigar while watching the cigar making process of women in here. You can find the cigar shops in the Inle Lake area. One more thing make Burmese cigar special is that it is completely made and packaged from natural ingredients.

Cigars from Myanmar (via Wikimedia Commons)

Interesting books

When traveling in the heart of Yangon, travelers will bale to buy the great books that can be brought throughout the Myanmar trip. Book stores in here sell a wide of books from old to new books which can be translated in many different languages, but the most popular still are English books. The price of a book is about 5,000 kyat buy you also can negotiate to get a better price.

Lovely key chains

The key chains are lovely souvenirs that a lot of tourists choose to buy, not only by the compact, convenient but also it brings the typical features of Burmese cultural. Each key chain costs about 1,000 kyat.

Lovely key chains (via Etsy)

Longyi dress

One of the “must-buy” souvenirs when traveling in Myanmar is Longyi dress – a traditional costume for both men and women in this country. Longyi dress is usually decorated with beautiful prints which is very light and comfortable when wearing. After buying a Longyi, you can ask the sellers how to wear it in the right way.

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