Delicious street foods in Yangon drive tourist “crazy”


Traveling to Yangon, walking on the streets in the downtown area, admiring the majestic beauty of golden temples, meeting friendly local people with thanakha face and enjoying street foods are unforgettable experiences every tourists should try. One of the reasons why Yangon attracts tourists is the roadside markets with tasty street foods that can get your mouth watering. Here is the list of the most famous dishes you should not miss when visiting Yangon.

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E Kya Kway

E Kya Kway is one of the favorite dishes of Burmese people in the morning. It is made of a simple dough deep-fried to golden perfection. The dish is often served with tea or coffee, sometimes it is also eaten with rice porridge and Mohinga noodles.

E Kya Kway (via Vietravel)


Roti is a typical dish showing the strong influence of Chinese and Indian cuisine on Burmese cuisine. This dish is very delicious so many visitors coming here love to eat. It is a kind of flat bread from India made from butter, sugar, eggs and flour.

Nangyi Thoke

Nangyi Thoke is one of the most famous street foods in Yangon you must try. The main ingredient of this dish is dry noodles, often eaten with chicken, fish, boiled eggs and bean sprouts. Wandering on the Yangon’s street, you can easily find and enjoy a delicious Nangyi Thoke at the sidewalk eateries.

Nangyi Thok (via Lime and Cilantro)

Koh Pieh

The dish is made of glutinous rice covered with a layer of sesame seeds. Before eating, they often sprinkle a little grated coconut fiber, salt and pepper.

Samosa Salad

Samosa salad, also known as Thoke is one of the main dishes of Burmese culinary culture. If you have ever eaten this dish, you certainly cannot forget the typical sweet and sour taste of Thoke. Each region has different cooking methods and ingredients but basically, the dish is made of samosa (fried bread triangles stuffed potatoes, turmeric, beans), green beans, cabbage, shallots and tomatoes. When eating, you can put more fresh mint leaves, coriander and a few drops of lemon juice.

Samosa salad (via The Chronicles of Wanderlust)

Koh Puo

Koh Puo is a kind of cake made of glutinous rice, grilled on charcoal. Walking on the streets of Yangon, you will find the attractive smell of the Koh Puo cakes that makes you hard to resist. A little bit of syrup made from jaggery eaten with Koh Puo cakes will really a great experience.

Mont Lone Yay Paw

Mont Lone Yay Paw is a traditional dish in Myanmar, often served on the Lunar New Year occasion. The dish is quite similar with Mochi cake of Japanese and Tanguan of Chinese people. Enjoying this dish, you will feel the sweetness of grated coconut fiber, jaggery, fatty taste of glutinous rice flour and attractive fragrance of banana leaves.

Mont Lone Yay Paw is a traditional dish in Myanmar, often served on the Lunar New Year occasion (via Twitter)

Bein Mont

Also listed on the top list Yangon’s street foods can drive tourists crazy, Bein Mont is a kind of cake made of glutinous rice flour, almond and fresh coconut. Wandering on the streets in the afternoon and enjoying the fragrant Bein Mont cakes is really great.


Dosa is a type of crepe cake made of fermented rice flour originating in South India. The dish is usually served in the morning. You can easily buy the delicious cakes at any street vendors on the Yangon’s streets. It is also a popular dish in some countries like Malaysia or Sri Lanka.

Dosa is a type of crepe cake made of fermented rice flour (via Myanmar Explorers)

These are some of the most famous street foods in Yangon we want to share with you. Traveling to Myanmar, taking a stroll on the Yangon’s streets and enjoying these wonderful dishes, visitors will hardly forget their taste, the beautiful Yangon and friendly people in here.

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