Discover Mandalay in your own way


The mysterious but very bustling city of Mandalay, is located about 700m from north of Yangon. This is the traffic hub connecting India, China and Southern Myanmar so there are many interesting things the city offering for tourists to explore.

Known as the second largest in Myanmar, Mandalay is a bustling commercial center as well as the place reserving the unique cultural features of ancient Myanmar. Famous for stone carvings, bronze casting, silk, handicrafts, Mandalay is considered as a museum, art gallery and architecture of Myanmar.

After a pilgrimage to the sacred temples, you can spend a day exploring the city in your own way. Renting a bike to take a stroll around the city is an ideal choice for you.

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Mandalay Royal Palace

Mandalay Royal Palace (via

First, you can visit the Mandalay Royal Palace. The palace is located on a large campus of about 413 hectares, with fortified high walls and moat water. It was built of teak wood on raised brick plinth gilded with gold and vermilion by King Mindon when he shifted the capital from Amarapura to Mandalay in 1861.

The queens’ chambers in order of priority is 1 Southern, 2 Northern and 3 Lesser queens in the West. All ancillary buildings for the court, the fortified high walls with ramparts, the moat, water systems, roads, gardens with shady tamarind trees, recreational playgrounds, swimming pools, mint, security ports with infantry, cavalry, audience halls, throne halls,…

A muddy canal feeds the supply of water to the moat. It is surprisingly strange that the red muddy water turns crystal clear. This moat water is potable and the source of home consumption and is free from lime content. It also serves a double purpose as a good protection from enemy assault of those days.

In the World War II, the palace was devastated strongly and then it was rebuilt in 1989. Now, the Mandalay Royal Palace is an interesting destination attracting a lot of tourists coming to visit each year.

Kyauksittan Village

Traditional stone carving village of Kyauksittan (via Johannes Valkama)

The next destination you should take a visit is traditional stone carving village of Kyauksittan. The village is located in the west of Mahamuni Temple. Visiting the village, local people will introduce to you some of the main products such as bracelets, interior decoration items and Buddha statues. This is the place providing Buddha statues for the whole of Myanmar. The Buddha statues were made of stone taken from Sakyin Taung, about 56km from the village. However, due to the pollution and noise during producing process, this village may have to move out of the city in the future.

Mandalay hill

Mandalay Hill offers the great views over the town (via Burmatravel)

Mandalay Hill offers the great views over the town. If you want to go there by foot, the best time is morning or evening because it gets very hot during the midday. The ascent takes about half an hour, you will get over 900 steps built 700 years ago. The other option to go up is to use the lift.

Mahamuni pagoda

It is one of the most famous temples in Myanmar, just after Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. You could see men applying gold leaves to Mahamuni Buddha there. Women are not allowed to enter this sacred place but they can pray from the outside the pagoda.

Mahamuni Pagoda is one of the most famous temples in Myanmar, just after Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (via Địa Điểm Du Lịch Myanmar – blogger)

U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge is the longest and oldest teak bridge in the world.  The bridge is also one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions and most photographed features. It is especially striking in the evening when the colors of the sunset paint the scene in natural color. This of course means that the bridge becomes more crowded during those times. 

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