Famous shopping addresses and some tips for shopping in Myanmar


Myanmar appeals a lot of tourists coming to each year not only because of its rich culture, historical sites, but also by lovely souvenirs. Although Myanmar is not a paradise for those who love shopping but visitors also can find many interesting items like paintings, silk, cosmetics, bags, etc. Here are some useful tips and best shopping addresses in Myanmar you can take a look.

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Some shopping addresses

Yangon: The most famous shopping address in Yangon is Bogyoke Aung San Market. Located in the heart of Yangon with nearly 2000 stalls, everything can be found at the market from handicrafts, wood carvings, carpets, jewelery to silk and clothing.

Opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00. Address: Bogyoke Aung San Road, located between Shwe Dagon Street and Shwe Bontha Street, Latha Township.

Bogyoke Aung San Market (via Condé Nast Traveler)

Mandalay: is one of the favorite places to visit in Myanmar of many travelers. Referring to Mandalay’s shopping site, Amara Waddy Market is the most attractive address where visitors can buy the featured products of Burmese people such as sculptures and Buddha statues.

Inle Lake: Inle Lake is the largest and most beautiful lake in Myanmar. You can visit floating village on the lake and buy special souvenirs like tobacco, thanaka,…

Bagan: The most popular souvenir tourists often buy in Bagan is lacquerware. There are more than 600 households at the Myinkaba village in Bagan producing and selling lacquerware so you easily can buy a unique lacquerware in here without worrying about quality. Remember to bargain before buying even in the stores offering listed prices.

Bagan lacquerware (via Bagan travel)

Shopping tips


Like many other Southeast Asian countries, negotiating skill is the first and most important tip that travelers should remember. Most of items in the big shopping center have listed price but at the markets or small shops, they always give the prices higher than real value and of course, you have to bargain before taking it. In order to avoid buying with too expensive price, you should go to some stores before deciding to buy.

Beware of buying fake goods

The technology of Myanmar’s companies has not yet produced the products of international brands but they still make fake items for sale to locals with cheap price. Tourists sometimes may buy fake goods so if you want to buy luxury products, you should go to the big shopping centers.

Beware of buying fake goods (via Justgola)

Be careful when buying gems

Myanmar is famous for producing rubies, jade and gems so many visitors visiting the country to buy gemstone jewelry. With the development of open market economy, there are more and more gem shops appearing in Myanmar, however, everything has two sides of it, some shops sell fake rubies, gems which have poor quality. So you need to be careful when buying gems in Myanmar to avoid buying the fake goods. You should buy gems at the trusted shops which have business license and remember to keep the offer in case of need.

Tips for buying antiques

One thing you should know if you want to buy antiques in Myanmar is that the antiques are not allowed to take out of this country. Any item that is antique or looks like antique must have a certificate before going through customs gate. Therefore, if you prefer local handicrafts which look like antiques, do not forget to tell seller giving you a certificate to proving they are not antiques.

Antiques in Myanmar (via The Antiques Diva)

Other tips

  • The currency in Myanmar is Kyat
  • Credits card is not widely used in Myanmar so you should bring cash
  • Only large stores and central markets accept paying by USD so you need to exchange money if you want to shopping in Myanmar
  • Tourists can exchange money at the shops located around Sule pagoda and Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon or right at your hotel.

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