Top 10 delicious dishes you should not miss in Myanmar


In recent years, Myanmar is becoming a new exotic tourism destination in Asia not only because of the rich culture, natural beauty, friendly people but also wonderful cuisine. Although Myanmar cuisine is affected a lot by cuisine of India, China, Thailand and many ethnic minorities, it still has its own features. Tea Leaf Salad, Shan’s rice or Myanmar’s curry,… are some delicious foods you should not miss when traveling in this compelling country.

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Tea leaf salad

Tea Leaf Salad

One of the most amazing foods of Myanmar people is lephet – fermented tea leaves. These tea leaves are used to make tea leaf salad dish which served as snack, appetizer or eaten with rice. Tea leaves are mixed with spinach, some tomato slices, beans, garlic, garlic oil and spicy chili to make a special salad. However, you should not eat this dish too much because tea leaves are considered as a stimulant which can make you getting insomnia.

Shan’s rice

Also known with another name “nga htamin” – rice of Shan people (an ethnic minority in Myanmar) is one of the perfect choices for meal of many visitors in this country. The soft rice are cooked with turmeric water and eaten with a piece of fresh garlic-oil-spreads fish. Also mixed with some spicy spices such as garlic, chili, pepper, rice of Shan people is a favorite dish of many tourists who like to eat spicy foods.

Myanmar’s curry

Burmese Curry

Visiting one of traditional Myanmar’s restaurants, you will have chance to taste a wonderful dish – Myanmar’s curry. Like its name, curry is the main ingredient of this dish, however, there are many kinds of curries for your choice such as pork curry, beef curry, lamb or seafood curry. At the curry eateries for Muslims, curry is served with salad, vegetables, beans,… One more interesting thing is that when you enjoy Myanmar’s curry, you will get more a traditional dessert of Myanmar – pickled tea leaves and nuts contained in a lacquer tray.

Tea and cake in Myanmar

Tea shops are great destinations for visitors to discover and learn more about Myanmar’s traditional dishes. Besides traditional foods, any tea shops in Myanmar also serve both sweet cakes and saltine crackers to enjoy with tea.

Indian or Muslims teahouses often offer fried salty cakes, breads with potatoes to eat when drinking a cup of tea while Chinese’s teahouses serve steamed dumplings or sweet cakes. Drinking tea and enjoying cakes is a beautiful feature of Burmese culinary culture.

Sweet snacks

Snacks in Myanmar

Unlike Western countries, sweet snacks or “muon” in Myanmar are not used as desserts but as a snack eaten with tea in the morning or afternoon. “Muon” does not have too much sugar, instead, the sweetness taken from other materials such as coconut fiber, coconut, rice, fruits… Server with the cake, the sweet snack becomes an accompanying snacks are not to be missed for those who love tea.

Fried foods

Myanmar people have a special passion for fried foods so fried cakes with variety of shapes and colors become the most popular street food in Myanmar. The delicious fried cakes with special flavors are served with sweet and sour sauce which make an irresistible attraction for tourists.

Most of cakes in Myanmar are made from rice flour or glutinous rice and sometimes a mixture of two. They often mix flour with garlic, onion, ginger or coconut, tomatoes, curry powder,… to make many kinds of cakes.

Shan tofu and noodles

Shan Tofu and Noodles

Cuisine of Shan people not only attracts Burmese but also foreign tourists. The food stalls of the Shan always stand out with big chunks of tofu. One thing that makes tofu in here special is that it is made from yellow lentils and chickpeas instead of fermented soybeans as usual. Tofu are usually served with yellow noodles or eating hot or cold food with salad.

Nan Gyi Thohk noodles

It is a dish consisting of rice noodles mixed with a special type of curry chicken and served with broth. Nan Gyi Thohk is known as Spaghetti version of Burmese.

Mohinga Fish Noodle

Mohinga Fish Noodles

The main ingredients for this dish including chickpea flour, roasted rice, and catfish cooked in soups and lots of spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce… It is a popular dish at many areas in Myanmar. If you have chance to visit Myanmar, do not forget to enjoy this amazing street food – Mohinga fish noodles.

Shan’s noodles

Shan’s noodle is a perfect combination of noodles, chicken, marinated pork, garlic and served with pickled vegetables and broth. Tasteful flavor, eye-catching deco are the reasons why Shan noodle is the first choice for meal of many tourists in Myanmar.

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