Top 6 unique and tasty dishes of Burmese people


Myanmar – a friendly but mysterious country will certainly be a hot tourist destination in 2018 that you can consider to visit. Not only famous for its impressive golden temples, peaceful landscapes, Burmese cuisine is also a reason why Myanmar attracting a lot of tourists coming each year. Foods of Myanmar people have the harmonious combination of Chinese, Indian cuisine and culinary art of Shan people, an ethnic group in Myanmar. In this post, let’s with us discover 6 popular and delicious dishes that tourists cannot ignore while traveling this country.

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Tea leaf salad (via The Taste SF)

Referring to salad, tea leaf salad may be the most famous dish in Myanmar. Mentioning to salad, most of people think it is made of raw vegetables but this dish has a little bit different. It has the brown color of the tea leaves and the yellow of the roasted peanuts, mixed with chopped cabbage and sliced garlic. When eating, you can feel the sour and acrid; the dish is often served as the appetizer on meal of Burmese people.

Another salad, not as famous as tea leaves salad, only visitors go to Inle Lake can know this dish – green tomato salad. Green tomatoes are planted a lot in here and local people have created the delicious dish which can be eaten on daily meal. This dish looks very eye-catching and is also very good for your health.

Shan rice

Shan rice (via C-Vietnam)

Shan rice is the main as well as typical dish of Shan people. It is quite similar to mixed rice, cooked with turmeric juice and served with freshwater fish which always marinated with garlic and chilli. Besides fish, it can be eaten with salted, roasted peanuts, boiled eggs and seasonal vegetables,…


One of the main dishes of Burmese cuisine is curry. Curries can be made of varied ingredients such as chicken, cow, pig, lambs or seafood … In Burmese meal, curry is often served with salad, vegetables or tofu.


Shan-style tofu noodles (via SBS)

Like other countries in Southeast Asia, noodle is an indispensable part of Myanmar cuisine. One of typical noodles you must try in Myanmar is Shan-style tofu noodles. The dish does not actually include much tofu just covered liquid of tofu, but rather a thick porridge made from chickpea flour. The sticky yellow material is served in thin rice noodles, chunks of marinated pork or chicken. It is covered with a layer of chili oil and includes parts of pickled vegetables and broth. This dish can be found in all the streets and markets in Myanmar from till evening.

Another popular noodle dish in Myanmar which is considered as Spaghetti of Myanmar is Nan Gyi Thoke. The dishe prepared by mixing curried chicken and the rice noodle adding onion, scallions and par-boiled bean sprout as individual’s preference. It is quite similar to Laska in Malaysia.


Mont Lin Ma Yar (via

Visiting markets in Yangon or Bagan, you will find a lot of street vendors selling a varied of snacks. Some famous and popular snacks you have to try are Mont Lin Ma Yar, which in Myanmar means couples or husband and wife, is the dish made of 2 sides joined into a round bite-sized ball of quail eggs, chickpeas and a dash of pepper; Dosa Sandwich – thin and crispy Indian styled pancake with batter made of lentils, etc.


Tea Mix is a typical type of tea you must try in Myanmar (via Sobremesa in Spain)

In Myanmar, you can see teahouses are available everywhere. A typical type of tea that every tourist visiting this country must try is Tea Mix. Tea is mixed with condensed milk and a little bit black beans creating a quite strange and attractive taste.

Tea shops are always crowded with people young and old alike. Holding a cup of plain tea and slowly sipping it is regarded as a relaxing activity. Tea is such a popular drink in Myanmar tea drinkers like to boast “I don’t drink water the whole day.”

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