Travel guides and suggested itinerary for 7 days in Myanmar


Myanmar in recent years has attracted many travelers because of the mysterious beauty of ancient temples, peaceful life and wonderful natural landscapes. We hope that some travel guides and suggested itinerary for 7 days in Myanmar below will help you have a great trip in this country.

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Some things about Myanmar and Myanmar people

Longyi – traditional dress of Burmese people (via
  • Myanmar is formerly known as Burma and until now, the name “Burma” is still widely used.
  • Myanmar men usually wear longyi – the traditional wrap-around skirt instead of pants, so do not be surprised at seeing men wearing skirts on the street.
  • Myanmar people like to eat betel, especially men. You can easily see them selling betel in the market or the area near the temples.
  • Burmese women often use thanaka – a kind of cosmetic paste made from ground bark to apply on their face which can protect their skin from the heat.
  • Known as a Buddhist country, there are a lot of temples you can visit during your trip. When visiting the temples, you need to dress politely and put your shoes off outside. In some temples and pagodas in Myanmar, women are not allowed to enter the worship area, so you should learn in advance about the destination you are going to if you can.
  • Most of Burmese people living in Bagan or Yangon can speak English so the communication is quite easy. They are also friendly and helpful when you need help.
  • In Myanmar, especially Yangon, traffic jam occurs mostly within rush hours; it can take 1-2 hours for 20 traveling to station or airport, so you need to arrange reasonable time.
Burmese people (via

What to prepare

  • Immigration procedures
  • Book airplane ticket: You should book air ticket in advance as soon as possible to get the cheapest price.
  • Currency exchange: The Myanmar currency is Kyats. You can exchange money right at the Yangon airport.
  • Book hotel: There are many choices for your stay in Myanmar. For the convenience of traveling, you also should book hotel in advance and choose hotels located near the city center or tourist attractions.
  • Clothes, shoes, hat, sunscreen,…

Dining and transportation in Myanmar

Dining in Myanmar (via

Cost for eating in Myanmar is quite cheap. Shan rice, Shan noodles, tea leaves salad,… are some of the famous dishes you must try in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, if you travel by taxi, you have to negotiate the price ahead because most of taxis in here do not have meters. To move around the destinations, the best way is renting e-bike or ox cart and move between cities (from Yangon – Bagan, Bagan – Mandalay, Mandalay – Inle Lake,…), you can go by bus or train.

Suggested itinerary for 7-day trip in Myanmar

Day 1:

  • Arrive Yangon airport, after completing immigration procedures, take a taxi to Bogyoke market to drink milk tea.
  • Take the local bus to the station, take the JJ Bus Express to Bagan. Overnight on bus.
Bogyoke market in Yangon (via Yangon Tours)

Day 2:

  • Arrive Bagan, take taxi to Shwesandaw Pagoda to see the sunrise and then visit the famous temples in Old Bagan such as Ananda Temple, Dhammayan Gyi Temple, Thatbyinnyu Temple,…
  • Back to the hotel to check-in and take a rest.
  • 3:00 pm take taxi to reach Popa Mountain and watch the sunset.

Day 3:

  • Rent e-bike to see the sunrise at Bu Le Thi pagoda.
  • Take a walk around Minnanthu Village and some well-known pagodas: Gawdaw Palin, Shwezigon Pagoda Gold Pagoda,…
  • Watch the sunset at Dhammayazaka Temple.

Day 4:

  • Rent ox cart to see the sunrise and then come back to your hotel to check out and get the bus to Mandalay.
  • Arrive Mandalay, see the sunset at U-Bein – the longest teak bridge in the world.
  • Take bus to reach Inle Lake. Overnight on the bus.
See sunrise at U-Bein Bridge (via Adventures of a GoodMan)

Day 5:

  • Take boat tour to discover Inle Lake. Take a rest in the town of Nyaungshwe.
  • Get back to Yangon.

Day 6:

  • Take a taxi to the city center and visit the Shwedagon Golden Temple in Yangon.
  • Check-in hotel and take rest.

Day 7:

  • Have breakfast and visit Bogyoke market to buy gifts, souvenirs,…
  • Take a taxi to the airport, goodbye Myanmar.

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