Do not miss out these 10 interesting things during your Myanmar trip


With thousands of ancient temples scattered throughout the country, visitors traveling to Myanmar will feel a very nostalgic and peaceful atmosphere which is hard to find in nowhere else. Ancient Yangon, beautiful Inle Lake, Mandalay city featuring a lot of attractive destinations like Shwenandaw monastery, Kuthodaw Paya,… all create a charming Myanmar. Here we would like to introduce to you top 10 best things to do in Myanmar.

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Discover temples in Bagan

One of the most famous Myanmar’s attractions is the ancient city of Bagan. Situated along the eastern bank of Ayeyarwady River, Bagan is like an archaeological site with thousands of Buddhist statues and temples. In order to have an exciting day in Bagan, you should wake up early to see the sunrise and hire a motorbike to visit the temples in this area. Taking an air balloon tour is also a great experience you should try in this city.

Bagan (via Wandervisions)

Visit Golden Rock Pagoda

Golden Rock or Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is one of the most important spiritual sites of Myanmar. Located in the state of Mon, the pagoda is famous for its huge golden rock which is covered by thousands of gold leaves. To visit the pagoda, you have to walk or take a pick-up truck, a special vehicle of Burmese people. Whether you travel self-sufficient or by tour, Golden Rock Paya is also a destination you must visit.

Explore Inle Lake by boat

Inle lake is probably the most beautiful lake in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Nestled between the hills of Shan Province, it is the largest lake of Myanmar, famous for the floating gardens, houses and skillful fishermen who only use one leg to balance their boat. Let’s take a boat tour to explore all the attractive sites like Jumping Cat Monastery, hidden shrines in Sagar and Takhaung Mwetaw Village.

Explore Inle Lake by boat (via Inle Lake travel)

Popa Taungkalat Monastery

Popa is an extinct volcano located in the center of Myanmar. At the foot of the mountain has a monastery built on the top of a large cliff. This is the place worshipping 37 Nats (Burmese Spirits). You can walk to the top of mountain to visit the monastery and surroundings.

Walk around the Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon, one of the largest and oldest pagodas in the world, is also the proud of Yangon and Burma people. It is covered with gold and decorated with diamonds. Just take a walk around the temple and admire its beauty from all sides, this surely will be an unforgettable experience.

Shwedagon Pagoda (via Wings Travel)

Relax at Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is a wonderful beach located in the bay of Bengal of Myanmar. It has been rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia by TripAdvisor. Although Ngapali is a hot tourist destination, you also can feel a wild beauty and find some cheap local restaurants in here.

Visit Mahamuni Temple

Mahamuni is a major pilgrimage site of Burmese people, situated in the southwest of Mandalay. The temple attracts a lot of visitors coming each year due to a large Buddhist statue with a height of 4 meters and weight of 6,5 tons. To pay homage to the Buddha, people often put small gold leaves on the statue, so the statue is now completely covered with pure gold.

Mahamuni Temple (via The Iconic Hand)

See the sunset on U-Bein Bridge

U-Bein is the famous bridge not only of Mandalay but also of the whole country. Known as the longest teak bridge in the world, the bridge is extremely beautiful at the sunset. Visiting U-Bein bridge during that time, you also will have the chance to see the monks crossing the bridge – a familiar image appeared in many travel magazines.

Sleep at the monastery on Mount Zwegabin

Zwegabin Mountain is a mountain located in the south of Myanmar, near the town of Hpa-an. It is famous for the stunning scenery surrounding the monastery. Sleeping at the monastery, listening to the prayers of the monks and admiring the spectacular sunset are exciting experiences that worth trying. On the way going down, you can visit Lumbini Garden, where is home to more than 1,000 Buddha statues.

Zwegabin Mountain (via Reddit)

Enjoy the view from Mandalay Hill

Located in the northeast, the famous Mandalay Hill is a must-visit destination of this city. Going up the stairs to the south of the hill, where has the entrance marked by two large lion statues, you will go through some Buddha statues and temples. Standing at the top of the mountain and enjoying the breathtaking view is amazing, especially in the sunset.

Here is the list of top 10 must-try experiences in Myanmar. If you concern things to do and travel guides in Myanmar, please visit our website. Like and share if this post is helpful for you. Have a nice trip!