Vegetarian food

Vegetarian food


Due to the abundance of vegetables and fruits in Myanmar dishes – and elements of Buddhist culture – vegetarian food is generally well catered for; being in Myanmar is a lot easier than in neighbouring Thailand, for example. Although Burmese on the whole are not vegetarian (except occasionally on their birthdays), in general they respect those who are.

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elements of Buddhist culture – vegetarian food is generally well catered for

Some common Burma vegetarian food

  • Shan Noodles (available in any Shan restaurant, which can be found all around Myanmar).
  • Samosa Dote ( consisting of samosas and falafels mixed in a bean soup, extremely tasty).
  • Tofu curry – beh-bya hin.
  • Rice with a scattering of beans – htamin see san.
  • Spicy vegetables and bean curd mix – malar hin.
  • Savoury tofu soup, usually served with noodles – tofu ngwe.
  • There are also many Indian restaurants

    Vegetarian food

    While meat-based food still predominates in most hotels and resorts, it is rare to find a place that can’t make something for you. If you get really stuck, you can rely on fried rice and vegetables (htamin kyaw teh ta loo) with an egg on top (jek oo) as a last resort. Always remember to clarify!

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