Discovering Mergui Archipelago – a pristine tropical paradise in Myanmar


Mergui archipelago in Myanmar is an ideal place for those who want would like to spend vacation for diving, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing or bird watching and learning about life of Gipsy (Morken) people.

This archipelago includes about 800 small islands, most of them are uninhibited. Because many islands are not affected by human intervention, there are a lot of wildlife species living in here, including both rare animals which are listed in the Red Book such as elephant, tiger, Sumatran rhino, etc. The beautiful caves, white sandy beaches with blue water, lush jungles and Morken people all are highlights of this island.

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Kawthoung (via Mr Hudson Explores)

Kawthoung is the gateway to the Mergui Archipelago, located in the southern of Myanmar. This city was built by the British and named Victoria Point. The Perchan River flowing through the city is separated Kawthoung and Ranong of Thailand. Most of tourists from Ranong will get Kawthoung by longtail boats and then go to the Mergui Archipelago; others coming from Phuket – the paradise city of Thailand getting there by yachts or sailing boats.

Myauk Ni Island

Myauk Ni Island is also is known as “Monkey Island”, situated about 20 miles from the southwest of Kawthoung. Tourists will have chance to admire the white sandy beaches, lovely dolphins, lush jungles and learn about life of Salon (Sea Gypsies) people living in here.

Mergui Archipelago (via The Straits Times)

115 Island

About 39 miles from Kawthoung, 115 Island is home to many species of lizard and snake. This is one of the best places for swimming and kayaking.

Pulau Beda (Nyaung Wee)

Pulau Beda is about 10 nautical miles from south of Lampi. There are many beautiful unnamed islands surrounded Nyaung Wee, therefore, the Sea Gipsy people often consider this site as a place to avoid monsoons from the southwest and northeast monsoons. In the south of Nyaung Wee, there is a gorgeous river, which is an ideal place for visitors to admire wildlife.

Diving in Mergui Archipelago (via Luxury Myanmar River Cruises)

Langan Islands

Langan Isladns (means “the fingers” in local) is a group of small islands, located about 20 miles south of Limpi. Clear water, beautiful coral reefs and convenient location are the highlights of this islands. There are a number of ethnic villages of Gipsy and Burmese inhabiting on the separate islands.

Lampi Island

Lampi is the most famous island of the Mergui Archipelago. With stunning natural landscape, Lampi is considered as a national park and managed by the government of Myanmar. This island features many white sandy beaches, some of them stretches up to 2km or more. There are two paths on this island, one in the northwest of the island called Salet Galet and one in the south called Magyon Galet. Today, many Burmese and Morken fishermen have built up villages in here.

Lampi Island (via Mr Hudson Explores)

Wa Ale

Wa Ale where features clear water and wonderful coral reefs is an ideal destination for those who love diving. Around the island are long white sand beaches and a rich ecosystem with many species of birds, animals, fishes and marine mammals.

Salet Galet

Salet Galet is an island located beween Lampi and Wa Ale. There is a small village of Salone people on the island. Many bird species, especially seagulls live in here. Visitors coming the island will be immersed in nature and enjoyed peaceful life.

Macloed (Khat Yin Khwa)

This is a stunning island where the beautiful resort of Myanmar – Andaman resort located. Colorful coral reefs, white sand beaches, tropical forests and thousands of bird and wild animals are the highlights of this island. If you want to taste seafood, let’s come here and enjoy delicious fresh seafood such as crab, fish, cuttlefish,…

Macloed Island (via Mr Hudson Explores)


This is a destination located 15 miles south of Lampi. Near Gt.Switon has a small island called Nga Mann with a large and beautiful sandy beach, which is an ideal place for camping and camp fire.

Myin Khwar

Myin Khwar Island is located in the Salone Islands and also known as Hourse Shoe Island. Visitors coming here can go hiking to see cave birds nest.

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